Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010


Many people cannot afford all basic needs of life such as food, water, shelter, clothing, health, and education. It has been the major problem around the world. The level of poverty is increasing every year as the world is more populated. Three forth of people died from poverty are children. There are several causes and effects of poverty that occurs throughout the world.
Overpopulation, the archenemy of destitution has become the major cause of poverty. ‘Poor families that tend to have many children for their agricultural farming can cause overpopulation’ (Overpopulation, 5). As there are many people in the country, the more job demand is needed. The job vacancies are limited and will lead the citizens to unemployment. Due to the fact of unemployment, the amount of poverty in the world is increase.
The second cause of poverty is inadequate education. Inadequate education means lacking knowledge from educational program. It is usually happened in poor country, poor families cannot afford to provide enough educations for their children. “Other people may not be able to find enough work or may earn wages too low to support themselves” (Inadequate education, 2). As a consequence, more people don’t have the ability to make money. So that the availability of poverty is fluctuate. There are many causes of poverty in the world, for instance global distribution of resources, high standard of living, environment degradation, economic and demographic trends, and individual responsibility (causes of poverty). There is an effect resulting to poverty.
Therefore, health is one of the most concerning effect caused by poverty. Since those people living in poverty suffer from hunger and lack of healthy food, it leads to low health standard. Some of them may live in slum area as a result many diseases easily affect them. Poverty also tightens the use of money for health care. The people could not afford the medical treatments to cure their sickness. If these things continue to happen, the level of deaths may grow significantly.
In conclusion, there are still many causes of poverty that happen in developing countries. The level of poverty is very concerning due to high level of unemployment and illiteracy in the world. There are no distinct acts from the government towards the problem.

Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

Choosing the Right Major

Nowadays, students have a difficulty on choosing the right and appropriate major for themselves. Some parents incline to choose the child's major depending on the general selections like International Business and Marketing in order to continue their current occupation. People have different passions and point of view so in other words, every students have their rights to choose what is best for the individualist. Choosing the wrong major would lead to negative impact to their life, for instance, not enjoying the classes by the lecturer and becoming a truant. This thing would also resulting a depression to the child themselves. Choosing a major is not that easy, we have to know which way the major would bring you to. In choosing a major, a student has to consider various factors, such as personal interest, job opportunities, and the availability of training institutions.
First of all, personal interest plays an important part in determining a major. Personal Interest is to find out your desire which comes from the individualist without involving other people opinions. Other people opinions may not be the best choice that comes up to your life, including your parents, siblings or best friends. Each person have to discover the passions through daily life, It may come from the smallest thing that we do. Personal Interest would help you to choose the ideal and best suited major. Personal Interest would also make everything easier for the university life as the person will understand the materials given in the class and consider it as increasing knowledge to the pleasurable thing.
Secondly, another important thing to consider is the job opportunities that is appropriate with your major.
The major that we choose have to support our upcoming occupation for our future. The future is depending on the chosen major. The main point of studying in university is to learn new skills on how to become a good worker or employee, for instance, if you choose Art & Design as your major, the job opportunities could be broad, you could work as Magazine editor, Artists, Painters, Photographers and many more. Considering job opportunities means considering the vacancy in your country, the salary, and the benefits. If you don't have any clear goals, you will end up wasting your time and money for university.
Another important thing to consider is training institutions. Training institutions is only a step away from the future job. It helps you to practice and experience the employee’s world. It is the place to show your skills to the customers and satisfying them. Training institution lets you experience the criticism and complimentary from different people out there. So you will have the preparation on the time of working in the outside world by yourself. In other words, you have to know whether the major that you choose providing the training institutions for each and every students.
In summary, do not take the wrong choices on choosing major for your own future. Taking decisions from what you demand will always be the good key to be successful without wasting your time and money for un-useful activities. Set your goal and always keep in mind to consider personal interest, job opportunities, and the availability of training institutions before choosing the major.

Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

University Major

The blissful Art and Design major could be pleasantly enjoyed in several ways. First of all, Design major would make the eyes wide open to something that could be easily seen in the environment and society. Art and Design could be found everywhere even in the nearest thing we had. It could produce limited conceptual artworks that came originally from ourselves. Design major could be enjoyable by making things which our passion lies. For instance, producing skirts for garments in fashion design passions. Furthermore, it could be enjoy because of the far relation to rules. Design major have no certain rules on producing artworks, it allows the designer to choose the concepts and what the best for the items. It does not include complicated formulas and hard essays to be understood. Another way to make Design major enjoyable is reflecting our hobby to the classes which leads to fun and gratify. In conclusion, Design major gives the freedom to show what the designer like and let them be creative with their own styles in several ways.